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Decking the Halls or Mantle…

Hi all.  I can  NOT believe it is December! We’re 20 days from Christmas! Ack….

While my own home is not yet decorated for Christmas, we did play at our little shop last night, KnB’s Marketplace located at 120 Raleigh St. in Fuquay Varina, NC.  Kim, the proprietor, hosted a ‘Sip and Shop’ night. Our little town had the town tree lighting and horse sleigh rides and Kim opened her doors to welcome people to a glass of wine or hot apple cider while browsing through our wonderful shop.  A few of us vendors also went a mantle-ing…….get it?  instead of wasselling?  ha ha

wasselling (v.):  to go door-to-door singing.  aka – christmas caroling  Continue reading “Decking the Halls or Mantle…”

Peddler DIY

Rosie the Riveter – I am not!

Hi all – I’ve returned from my summer hiatus with all new Peddler DIYs and Good News.

First – Good News – I am joining K n B’s Marketplace as a new vendor starting 01 Aug!  I am thrilled to have a booth again and could not ask for a better establishment to join.  A real top notch local business!  They are located in Fuquay Varina, NC at 120 Raleigh Street.  Come see my latest Peddler Finds!

My latest DIY – well really this was made probably early June but I went to find a cool, shady spot for the summer but now I’m baaaaaccccckkkkkk.

We (myself and my silent TUP partner, aka My Wonderfully Patient Husband) made a photo frame using an old screen, rivets, and roof flashing.  Now this blog is about posting all my DIYs not just the ones that turn out fabulous.  What fun would that be if you didn’t see the trials AND the tribulations?  I am in awe of the many design and DIY blogs that make things seem effortless.  Well, that’s not this kind of blog.  See, I’m no designer and every time I pick up a powertool (other than a sander or a drill) I shake with fear of possibly injuring myself.  So, this post is one of those that make me a real DIYer because well…..let’s just say somewhere between the idea and the execution things fell a little flat. Continue reading “Rosie the Riveter – I am not!”


I’m Getting Ready – Vignette-ing it!

I’m getting excited preparing to go out to the flea market at the NC State Fairgrounds in Raleigh.  I’ll be there Saturday, March 29 weather-permitting.  We went out there a few weeks ago to check things out – we hadn’t been there in awhile.  There’s an antique-ish section of dealers so I’ll try to reserve a space among them.  I’ve been preparing pieces and trying to visualize little vignettes.

Vignette (n.):  a short scene in a movie or play

Ok, actually that is one of the many definitions that I just randomly chose out of Merriam Webster online.  A more elaborate definition is from the all-knowing Wikipedia:  “In theatrical script writing, sketch stories, and poetry, a vignette is a short impressionistic scene that focuses on one moment.”  In design it’s a small setting much like a theatrical scene where you stage what you want people to imagine.  Continue reading “I’m Getting Ready – Vignette-ing it!”

Peddler DIY

A Monkey What? A Monkey Fist Nautical Knot

Monkey Fist nautical knots are all the decorating accent rage right now. You see them as fillers everywhere – displayed in simple vases or used as bookends.

Photo Feb 15, 10 08 08 PM

I’m drawn to natural materials like jute and sisal so it was not surprising that I started to become obsessed with these intriguing little decorations.  Not to Photo Feb 15, 3 41 09 PMmention I’ve had this spool of THICK twine that’s been burning a hole in my DIY overalls.  I got it from this dealer at the Liberty Antique Festival (another must see NC antique festival – – he said he’d been carrying it around with him for years and was happy to pass it on to me – I think I recall his exact words were “I’ve never seen anyone so happy about twine before”.  I got it for a steal!  This twine has always been destined to be transformed into Monkey Fists.

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Peddler DIY

Stencil Transfers on to Terra Cotta


I have been admiring these old world pots in Pier One – see left photo.  I am experimenting with stencil transfers so thought maybe I could replicate these pots myself – see right photo.  Mind you, when I say “experimenting” I mean…..I’m really bad at stencil transfers and soon may have to write it off as a “it-just-wasn’t-meant-to-be” attempt.

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Peddler DIY

Sorry, the Internet is full. The End.

I am almost certain that any day I’m going to get an error message from the internet, pinterest, facebook, etc……

“Sorry, the Internet <or Pinterest, Facebook, etc> is now full. The End.”

So I better get to what I set out to do…..and get blogging. Continue reading “Sorry, the Internet is full. The End.”


Next Year You’d of Wish You Started Today

Sigh….. How true.  If I had started last year I’d be one year skinnier or have one more year’s worth of savings or this wouldn’t be my first blog posting.  I say this with optimism, enthusiasm, and motivation rather than regret.   Continue reading “Next Year You’d of Wish You Started Today”