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Sorry, the Internet is full. The End.

I am almost certain that any day I’m going to get an error message from the internet, pinterest, facebook, etc……

“Sorry, the Internet <or Pinterest, Facebook, etc> is now full. The End.”

So I better get to what I set out to do…..and get blogging.

I’m in love with pallet art (  I started collecting pallets intending to make a re-purposed masterpiece to put above our bed but all the pallets I found were all wrong.  Doesn’t pinterest make everything look effortless? (If you’re wondering what the hype is about pinterest, I’ll save this topic for a future blog.)

I came upon a silver metal circle art wall hanging at Pier One and immediately imagined it painted barn red mounted on a pallet.  I confess…we broke down and made our own pallet which I feel guilty about because I am a loyal re-purposer.


This week’s DIY project:

Instantly aged, weathered wood

This is a 2-layer technique using white paint and a dark stain.

1. Paint a light coat of white paint. Distress some areas by lightly sanding using a coarse grit sandpaper (such as 80).

2. Then wipe on dark stain (use an old tee-shirt to apply).

Voila!  Instantly aged, weathered wood.


1 thought on “Sorry, the Internet is full. The End.”

  1. Pretty cool DIY. It looks great! I am avid on repurposing too but sometimes the right thing just never comes along so don’t feel bad!

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