I’m Getting Ready – Vignette-ing it!

I’m getting excited preparing to go out to the flea market at the NC State Fairgrounds in Raleigh.  I’ll be there Saturday, March 29 weather-permitting.  We went out there a few weeks ago to check things out – we hadn’t been there in awhile.  There’s an antique-ish section of dealers so I’ll try to reserve a space among them.  I’ve been preparing pieces and trying to visualize little vignettes.

Vignette (n.):  a short scene in a movie or play

Ok, actually that is one of the many definitions that I just randomly chose out of Merriam Webster online.  A more elaborate definition is from the all-knowing Wikipedia:  “In theatrical script writing, sketch stories, and poetry, a vignette is a short impressionistic scene that focuses on one moment.”  In design it’s a small setting much like a theatrical scene where you stage what you want people to imagine.  For instance, if you were to place 2 chairs and a coffee table in a cozy corner of your living room what does that lend you to think the purpose of this “vignette” is – an intimate conversation spot.  I’ve been “vignette-ing it” with all my pieces – trying to categorize and sort and tag everything such that it will be a cohesive display come show time.  This is my first time in this type of setting – I’ve only previously sold things through a small antique booth.  I’m hoping this will be a sort of trial run to prepare myself for joining weekend antique fairs.  I’m not sure if I’d find the whirlwind of a weekend antique fair exhilarating or exhausting.  All the preparing and packing, travelling, then unpacking in hopes to sell, re-packing what didn’t sell –  I’m sure it’d be a mixture of exhilarating and exhausting – so this is a great way for me to do a trial while staying close to home.

I knew I wanted to try an attempt at a dramatic tent vignette.  I’ve seen other dealers set-up some elaborate displays that are just gorgeous and crowd-appealing.  My husband thought our Nascar-checkered-flag tent was just fine for the occasion.  I am grateful for his interest but it’s not really the look I was going for.  I was thinking something more like…..

Photo Mar 16, 9 31 49 AM

Much better than Nascar, eh?  I’m pleased with the concept.  I’m visualizing a beach vignette inside this little panama–jack tent.  It does look a bit safari-ish but I’m going to go with it.  I think it will add some drama to my little rented spot of concrete.  It was relatively simple to create – pop-up tent, two 9×12 painting canvases sold at any home improvement store (cheaper than fabric and sturdy!), some binder rings to attach canvas to tent, and twine used as curtain tie-backs.  We’ll see how it holds up for the day.  If all goes well – I think I have a template down for future Antique fair weekends.

Wish me luck!

– the urban peddler –


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