The Peddler will not be Peddling

I am sad to report that The Urban Peddler will not be at the Raleigh Flea Market tomorrow.  We’ve been rained out.  😦

I was able to get a good spot too.  I was given Numbers 479 and 480 which is in the middle of the antique arena.  I will let you know when we re-schedule.  In the mean time, I’ll post some of the items that I’ve prepped. 

Thanks for supporting me.
-the urban peddler-


I’m Getting Ready – Vignette-ing it!

I’m getting excited preparing to go out to the flea market at the NC State Fairgrounds in Raleigh.  I’ll be there Saturday, March 29 weather-permitting.  We went out there a few weeks ago to check things out – we hadn’t been there in awhile.  There’s an antique-ish section of dealers so I’ll try to reserve a space among them.  I’ve been preparing pieces and trying to visualize little vignettes.

Vignette (n.):  a short scene in a movie or play

Ok, actually that is one of the many definitions that I just randomly chose out of Merriam Webster online.  A more elaborate definition is from the all-knowing Wikipedia:  “In theatrical script writing, sketch stories, and poetry, a vignette is a short impressionistic scene that focuses on one moment.”  In design it’s a small setting much like a theatrical scene where you stage what you want people to imagine.  Continue reading “I’m Getting Ready – Vignette-ing it!”

Peddler DIY

Not just Distressed but Three-Layer Distressed!

I’ve been feeling uninspired lately.  Perhaps it’s just cabin fever from the cold weather we’ve been having or because I wish I had more room to work on things.  In our dream world, my husband and I would have his-and-her workshops.  Right now I’m overwhelmed with STUFF.  I’m looking forward to the end of March when I’ll be at the flea market at the NC state fairgrounds.  The more I can sell, the more I get to buy.  When you’re a DIY Re-purposer that’s the unfortunate addiction – BUYING more stuff.

DIY re-pur-pos-er (n.):  person that tries to change something so that it can be used for a new purpose without losing any fingers.

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Peddler DIY

A Monkey What? A Monkey Fist Nautical Knot

Monkey Fist nautical knots are all the decorating accent rage right now. You see them as fillers everywhere – displayed in simple vases or used as bookends.

Photo Feb 15, 10 08 08 PM

I’m drawn to natural materials like jute and sisal so it was not surprising that I started to become obsessed with these intriguing little decorations.  Not to Photo Feb 15, 3 41 09 PMmention I’ve had this spool of THICK twine that’s been burning a hole in my DIY overalls.  I got it from this dealer at the Liberty Antique Festival (another must see NC antique festival – http://www.libertyantiquesfestival.com/) – he said he’d been carrying it around with him for years and was happy to pass it on to me – I think I recall his exact words were “I’ve never seen anyone so happy about twine before”.  I got it for a steal!  This twine has always been destined to be transformed into Monkey Fists.

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Peddler DIY

Bon Appetit! A Kitchen table make-over…

I went to an auction not too long ago and brought home a one-of-a-kind pub table. You know the kind, the one where the leaves are stowed away under the table and you slide them out from each side. It’s a unique design because you have 2 table leaves neatly tucked away but at your ready when you need them.

I have a love-hate relationship with table leaves. They are a genius idea but Where do you store them?  I mean really – it only seems logical that they be stored in a closet and especially makes sense to store them in the Dining Room but have you ever seen a closet in a Dining Room?  Our nearest closet to the dining room is the coat closet where, yes, they have spent some time.  Currently they are stowed away under the guest bed.  (Please leave me a comment. I must know if others store them under their guest bed too.) Continue reading “Bon Appetit! A Kitchen table make-over…”

Peddler DIY

Stencil Transfers on to Terra Cotta


I have been admiring these old world pots in Pier One – see left photo.  I am experimenting with stencil transfers so thought maybe I could replicate these pots myself – see right photo.  Mind you, when I say “experimenting” I mean…..I’m really bad at stencil transfers and soon may have to write it off as a “it-just-wasn’t-meant-to-be” attempt.

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Peddler DIY

Vintage Suitcase Transformation

How to re-line a vintage suitcase and Re-purpose as extra storage or side table top with a creative display. (click on pics to view larger)

If you’ve ever seen a vintage suitcase then you know the exterior might have the normal wear-and-tear that can qualify as “character” but the insides usually need some TLC.  The lining of a suitcase is always a little creepy.  There’s usually the musty odor, a few questionable spots, and if you’re really lucky it will have the shiny, satiny material that reminds me of parasols.  I think this material is weird – maybe because I find it too frilly.  I’m much more functional than frilly. Continue reading “Vintage Suitcase Transformation”



[insert visual of crowds chanting and picketing…..Hobby Lobby! Hobby Lobby!  Raleigh, NC needs a Hobby Lobby!]

I visited my first Hobby Lobby the other weekend while visiting friends in Charlotte, NC.  Now let me just say, I’ve been hearing about Hobby Lobby for years but I had no idea how life-changing the experience would be.  They have everything……it’s JoAnn Fabrics meets Michael’s meets Homegoods.

Check out my Peddler Find – penny farthing bikes to make my shop signs……I see maybe mounting them on a wood pallet or corrugated tin.pfb hobbyLobby

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Peddler DIY

DIY: Trunk Re-purposed as Coffee Table? Storage?

If you read my last post (if not, go, go read it now, go on, I’ll wait for you) then you know I have just made casters rust under accelerated conditions using vinegar and a splash of mineral spirits.  I wonder if you dipped the item in only vinegar and then let it air-dry would that also work.  Then you don’t have to worry about any disposal of the mineral spirits.  I’m not convinced the mineral spirits really did anything.   Someone try it and let me know.  Sorry – focus, Kwane, focus – this week’s post is not about my rusted casters again – it’s about my Trunk.  I love this trunk.  It’s an early 1900s flat-top steamer trunk.

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Peddler DIY

Rust Happens – How to rush metal to rust

I’m rushing things.  In certain situations this can be bad but when it comes to making the new look old – it’s genius.  People love the look of old but don’t always like the extra work that comes with it – the clean-up and de-odorizing can be challenging.  Buying true antiques is a patient process while you hunt for that perfect dusty gem or it can turn into an intimidating project that gets forgotten about in the garage. Continue reading “Rust Happens – How to rush metal to rust”