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Easy as Pie or Cake…

I’m all moved in to my new booth at KnB’s Marketplace located at 120 Raleigh St. in Fuquay Varina, NC.  Check out these cool lamps repurposed from a John Deere engine filter and an industrial funnel.  I really need to find somewhere to use the industrial funnel one – I love it.

Speaking of repurposing….I found these cool cake pans with the bottom that lifts out ….Today a cake pan…..Tomorrow a clock!



This was a really fun and easy project! I’ve been wanting to play with clock making so this little project was the perfect starter kit for me.



  • Pie or cake pan
  • clock hands with ticking base parts (any craft store)
  • burlap or other material (for clock face)
  • clock numbers (any craft store, or stencil numbers on burlap)
  • mod podge
  • drill
  • hot glue gun
  • AA battery



Step by Step DIY:

  1. Measure pan to determine center point – drill hole to accommodate clock base
  2. Measure material to be used as clock face – and mod podge on to pan
  3. Add numbers (can use hot glue)
  4. Assemble clock base and hands
  5. Insert battery

And there you have it – one working clock!

Happy DIYing.

– the urban peddler –







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