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My good friend, Dana, dropped by today at work.  She’s an avid photographer – naturally talented, can turn anything into a great snapshot.  Many of my facebook photos – the ones that look any good – were taken by her.  My current facebook profile pic of the wooden spools is one by her and definitely one of my favs.

So, I am no photographer but if I’m going to blog and use Facebook, I need at least some basic skills, Or do I?  I found this awesome app (sorry, it’s an iPhone app) – InstaPic- Photo Editor by Victor Jayaseelan.  You can do anything……turn pic black and white and then add color to specific points, add frames, do the cool focus thing where one area is in focus and the background is blurry, add text (although couldn’t see where you could change the font) – the options seem endless.

When I take pics for my blog, I put all my effort into capturing a good pic but let’s face it – there is a reason photography is an actual profession and I’d starve to death if I tried to live off of it.  I find myself taking pics that are crooked or horrible lighting so there’s always a shadow.  I don’t have a professional camera so yes, I just use my phone.  I’m constantly losing the battle to avoid shadows – I’ve been known to rig a construction light on top off my guestbed in a failed attempt to get rid of shadows.

Here are a few pics I edited using InstaPic – Photo Editor:

It’s a fun app and the best part is for a limited time only – it’s free!

Here’s a toast to DIY photography! Cheers!

– theurbanpeddler –


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