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It’s over already??

Another year has come and gone. …sigh….this is my 21st blog post….almost 1 year ago I did my 1st post. My saying then was “Next year You’d of wish you’d started today.” What did I start this year?? We tend to think of all the things we should have done or should be doing and rarely focus on what we did achieve. Allow me to show some self-compassion and reflect on what I did accomplish this year.

  1. I started my blog!
  2. The Urban Peddler made its debut.  Mark my words, one day there will be an Urban Peddler shop.
  3. i sold at the flea market. Had no idea what to expect.  Didn’t have a booth at the time and my husband was screaming for me to clear out the garage.  One of my favorite days from 2014.
  4. i participated in the Cameron Antique Festival.  Another favorite day from 2014.
  5. I am working on getting more comfortable with real power tools. I can drill and sand all day long. I’m moving on to saws, y’all.  Very scarey.
  6. i developed a very unhealthy relationship with garage sales.  So much so that I can not sleep on Friday nights because I’m too excited. I spend all night mapping out my route and re-arranging the garage so I can fit more stuff in it!  (Literally, I get the jitters if I can’t find a good buy! I can only equate it to what I imagine a druggie must feel like – Very unhealthy but love it at the same time. It gets me high!)…. Is this an accomplishment?? More like an admission of addiction….hello, my name is Kwane, and I’m a garage-sale-aholic.  …sigh…
  7. The hot dog man at Home Depot knows, without asking, how I like my hot dog.  (Stop laughing.  Keep it clean. This is not a dirty-minded comment.)
  8. i got braver about negotiating.  Biggest win of the year….bought a wash basin cabinet from THE most expensive antique shop in town for a steal and only because I commented that I only had X amount of money on me…..surprisingly they accepted my lowball offer.  Soften your offer with “I don’t want to insult you but would you consider X amount?.”
  9. I got back in to renting a booth! i love my new shop.  I’m in KnB’s Marketplace in Fuquay Varina, NC.  Nicest owners and vendors I’ve ever known. A true welcoming family!  Love my KnB!
  10. i started my blog! 🙂

One thing I didn’t start this year that is mentioned in my 1st blog post is lose weight..ok, ok I didn’t do great with saving money either (Dave Ramsey would be very disappointed in me).  I did join a gym back in March – does that count? Maybe I can start today and will report back on the 1 yr anniversary of my blog – December 28.

Next year you’d of wish you’d started today….in the words of Scarlett O’Hara….. “After all, tomorrow is another day.”

imageHere’s my latest DIY…antique wood skis turned Christmas wall hangings.  Very fun! Currently for sale in my booth at KnB’s.

The year ain’t over yet!

– the urban peddler –



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