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It’s almost time…

Welp – it’s almost time to move in to my new booth at KnB’s Marketplace.  What is KnB’s, you ask?  It’s a quaint little shop located at 120 Raleigh St. in Fuquay Varina, NC.  It’s a must-check-out kind of place.  If you’re coming into the downtown Fuquay side (not downtown Varina)  on Main St. heading south – when you see Bostic and Wilson Antiques on your left and Anna’s Pizzeria on your right – you are in the perfect spot – take the next left on to Raleigh St. and KnB’s is on the right – cute, white, brick building.

I’ve been pricing and organizing things all week.  My garage and dining room is full of inventory.  I have an 8 x 8 foot booth which is a little bigger than the last booth I rented.  I don’t think I’ll have any problem filling it up.  Here’s my booth.  Kim, the owner of the shop, is keeping it warm for me until I move in.  🙂  Thanks, Kim!

Before Booth 2

I went garage sale-ing this past weekend and stumbled upon a neighborhood garage sale.  I pulled up to one of the houses and barely stopped the car before jumping out to buy this cool projector screen.  The sweet, British lady that sold it to me said it belonged to one of her friends that had been a school teacher for more than 30 years.  I wanted to ask more questions but there were other customers she needed to tend to – I’m known for trapping people into conversations so I was trying to be considerate.  I knew I wanted to try it for my TUP sign to put in my booth.  My original TUP sign is a wooden sign but I feel like it’s too heavy to hang in my booth so I’d been brainstorming on other options when this project screen came to my rescue.  Here’s my attempt at my new TUP sign:

TUP sign 

 Not sure if I’m WOW-ed by it.  I don’t think I’m sold on the font I used for the “Urban Peddler” part and the bike is a bit large but I’ll live with it for awhile.  I’m sure it will grow on me and once it’s warm and cozy in my booth it may feel like the perfect fit.  You never know…..

I’ve been trying to use Facebook more to promote my new beginning but no matter how hard I try – I just have to admit that I am Facebook challenged.  I can do a blog but Facebook baffles me.  Every time I log in, I feel like it looks different than the last time I logged in.  I created a TUP page but manage it from my personal account and it’s just a mess.  I’m friending people under my personal name when I want to be under my TUP account.  So people are probably like who is this random person that keeps friending me.

I connected with KnB on Facebook and a few of the current vendors messaged and/or friended me.  Everyone is so welcoming and enthusiastic.  It’s a great vibe with positive energy.  And I have to give a shout out to my new vendor-friends, Diane and Mary of The Feathered Nest.  I ran into them at an auction last weekend.  Now we’d not met before (formally) – so when they arrived at the auction and started checking out all the items I wanted to bid on I knew they were competition.  We ended up bonding though thanks to a box of old photographs and maps and then it was hysterical to find out they were the The Feathered Nest and I was The Urban Peddler.   Two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet and FUNNY – whew, they were making me laugh.

I move in Friday so I’ll see you then!  It’ll probably take me all day Friday to set up but it should be retail ready for Saturday.
-the urban peddler-



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