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Cameron did not Disappoint

imageWhew….what a day we had in Cameron.  It was awesome.  The weather was gorgeous.  We were set up in the parking lot of the United Methodist Church. Our spot was about a parking space and a half – the perfect size – not too big and not too small.  Plus the gal renting the spot next to me was unable to make it so we were also allowed to overflow into her spot.

Ms. Joyce, from the United Methodist Church of Women, was our hostess for the day.   She has to be the nicest woman I’ve ever met.  A good southern woman.  I called her about 3 weeks ago to ask about renting space to sell at the antique festival.  She was warm and welcoming.  We exchanged paperwork a few times (no email just good ‘ol paper mail)  and each time she’d sign her name “Love, Joyce”. A good southern woman.

The people were wonderful, from the other dealers to the shoppers… couldn’t ask for a better day.  Lots of items found nice, new homes.  I’m always happy when a shopper is thrilled to buy something because then I know it’s going to a good home.  Sometimes it’s hard for me to let things go especially because I’ve seen the before and after and I grow attached to pieces but I can’t keep everything.  I’m close to being a good candidate for that show “Hoarders.”

Photo Feb 09, 3 01 32 PMI sold the Bon Appetit table.  The cute pub table with the stow-away leaves.  A really nice woman fell in love with it and I’m glad it went to a great home. She said she already had a table but was going to sell it. My silent TUP partner was happy that we didn’t have to load it back up to take it back home (he is always happy to free up garage space).

There was a girl from Cary that I wish I’d had time to talk to – beautiful straight, glossy, blond hair in blue & white striped shirt (sounds like a personal ad).

Urban Peddler seeks girl from cary.  We share love of cast iron.  You bought the mini cast iron grandfather clock.  Hope to see you next time we peddle.

We were so busy that we only had a chance to take pics in the morning while we were setting up but here’s the few we got.  The shadow from the church makes it difficult to see but click on the pics and they’ll come up better.  (that’s me trying to figure out where things should go)

A lady that lived on Purser Street bought the purser sign and a guy named Cameron bought the Cameron Railroad sign.  Very fitting.

All in all a wonderful day.  Thanks, Cameron!



With the weather heating up, we’ll take a break from peddling and I’ll get back to projects.  The wheels have been turning.  I’ve got all kinds of DIY in the works….button-hole frames and screen and grommet frames and new suitcase makeover ideas and mod podge plaques and…..let’s just say it’s a long list.

Happy peddling.

– the urban peddler –


1 thought on “Cameron did not Disappoint”

  1. Hello! I know I’ve asked before about those little wire gym baskets you sold months ago, but did you by chance get ahold of any more of those? Will you be at the raleigh market tomorrow? I’m looking for something like that or close to it. 🙂

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