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Peddling Success

I had a fabulous time last weekend at the Raleigh fleamarket.  The weather was incredible even despite my sunburned neck.

imageMy favorite part was hearing what people were looking for or the treasures they found.  We had such a remarkable day that we’ve decided to do the antique festival in Cameron, NC on Saturday, May 3rd.  I know the shoppers will be as great as the Raleigh shoppers.  Here’s a few of the unforgettable people we met….



  • There was a beautiful tall young woman in the cute yellow top. She was as tall as a model and more beautiful than any you’d ever seen. Her and her sweet mother bought my decoupaged sheet music suitcase. She said she was getting married and was going to use it to collect wedding cards from guests. Congratulations! I hope your wedding is spectacular.


  • Then the Mother that brings tears to my eyes. She was shopping for milk glass to display at her daughter’s wedding. Her husband made me laugh as he so patiently gave his opinion. Did ya’ll make it to Suzanna’s antiques? Thank you for sharing pictures of your daughter’s wedding dress. Just gorgeous. It’s sure to be a dream wedding.
  • And finally there was Brittany, my last sale of the day.  We were starting to pack up and I overheard her say from afar that she liked my farm table….next thing I know she was taking it home. She was so excited.  I love that farm table so I’m glad it went to a great home.  Here it is in her breakfast nook.  Thanks , Brittany.


Thank you all for a successful day!

We’ll see you at Cameron on the 3rd of May!

– the urban peddler –


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